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The easiest way to acquire positive reviews from customers

Ahead of competition

Become the first on Google


Your customers are redirected to your Google review form

Positive online reputation

Drown out your negative reviews

Boost your positive reviews

Increasing your positive reviews rapidly

Positive online reputation

The success of your business depends on your customers' Reviews

You are in contact with your customers every day. Don't miss the opportunity to ask for their feedback. Some customers don't leave a review because it takes too much time or because they don't know where and how to post it on the Internet.

How does it work

Present your customer with your contactless Google Review card, and thanks to the contactless technology (NFC), he just has to approach his smartphone to be immediately redirected to your Google Review page.

1. Present the Google Review card to your customer

2. Your customer scans the card

3. Your Google Review form opens

4. Your customer leaves you a Google Review

Collect reviews quickly

Improve your local referencing

Increase your legitimacy



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